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Tadawule is a US company providing financial and economic advises. We offer a new range of financial services in cooperation with authorized brokers and a range of accredited analysts. It includes a range of new financial services targeting different segments of investors as well as investment companies.

Services offered aim at benefiting the entire investment community within the Saudi capital and foreign exchange market, by bringing value to the different market participants. This can be clearly accomplished through :

Increasing the level of confidence and transparency on the investors’ ownerships and rights .

Empowering investors by enabling them to reach best analyses , signals , receive alerts , notifications on certain important events, And fluctuations of the market .

Bridging the gap between listed Financial advisors and the market investors and enhancing the communication and information exchange amongst them .

Providing a convenient and direct Signals mechanism from the ultimate source of information (Securities Depository Center , Market Analysts ) to the different market participants .

Offering an ongoing process for validating and updating information maintained at Tadawule

It is our belief that these objectives would ultimately help developing the Saudi capital and foreign exchange market, by contributing in promoting transparency and efficiency principles within the market .

Thousands Clients 

We have more than 150,000 Twitter fans which is very much commendable and also recommend us. You can definitely talk to any of TADAWUL and Forex Market representative for confirming our performance and verification. We offer a great and solid trading experience.


Affordable Prices and Signals

We believe our prices and signals are more than fair and affordable for the performance we deliver. Every investor should be aware that you must invest money to make money. It`s simple. And direct .


Reliable Service

Highly experienced team of forex traders are taking care that every trade sent to clients is a profitable one. The Pearl package alone has 3 dedicated traders!


Verified Performance

Our impeccable performance make us stand second to none in the industry. We do not believe in hidden deals. All our published result are verified.


Genuine Testimonials

We are in business for over 3 years and we take only 100% real and genuine testimonials & reviews! Check what our happy clients have to say about our service.


Relaxed Trading

If you are losing your precious time, money and are tired of trying out different configurations and indicators then we are what you need for bringing everything back to normal.



Get around the clock availability of our support center. We provide support in the following languages: English, Arabic, Russian.

TADAWULE Signals , Here We make profits 

Tadawule Signals is the first Technical Analysis, research and Financial Consulting firm that uses Tadawul and Forex market breadth, available to the private investing public.

We started out as a private investing firm that conducted unique quantitative research for their own Trading investment purposes. The need for this was borne out of a lack of local public research on the topic of Strategy Indexing (mechanical stock picking methods), and quantitative breadth-based Market Timing Strategies specific for Trading.

Intro Video 

What we do

Our platform analyzes stock market data including stocks, through our experts to create trade signals in real time. We offer various trading signals including all the market sectors.

The Stock Signals section of the daily report is probably your most important tool. It focuses on many stocks each day and gives you an understanding of their potential movements based on technical analysis. The stocks are carefully selected by our experts when doing their analysis of the market.

Our platform was created for those people who wish to invest in a simple, dependable, stable and profitable. We understand that Tadawul and Forex market is not easy, and that success depends on making the right decisions. Therefore, we believe that only through a responsible and mechanic investment strategy we will be able to achieve the expected results.

Fun Facts

Our tools are so powerful, that we have even started attracting some small funds as clients, and have international investment professionals using our systems to assist them with their Trading strategies.


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Tadawule Signals is the first Technical Analysis, research and Financial Consulting

firm that uses Tadawul and Forex market breadth, available to any kind of investors.


Tadawule Stocks and Forex Signals app helps you predict the market investing in stocks and Currencies with LIVE trading signals sent directly to your iOS or Android device; in the app you will be able to get live signals on hundreds of different stocks , currencies , metals and commudities .



We provide a lot of researches by our experts every week, that is how long our trading team works to provide you with the most accurate and profitable trading signals.

Technical analyses combined with price range values enable us to create a powerful and impartial signal that has been generating substantial profits.

We screen Tadawul Market according to various well known stock picking strategies to identify shares that are most likely to deliver superior capital growth, income growth and/or offer the most value

Mazen Salhab

  • 12 years experience in Forex
  • Daily , weekly Trading
  • 4-8 Signals at least weekly
  • Market : Forex , Global stocks indexes
  • Subscription cost : 199 $

توصيات اسهم سعوديه‎

  • Consultant and Financial Analyst
  • Experience in stock markets, stocks and metals since 2001,
  • Specialist in the Saudi market.
  • Qualified Asset Manager
  • 6.4 Recommendations at least weekly
  • Monthly Subscription Value: 250 SAR


  • Experience 7 years
  • Technical analyst holds international certificate CFTE1
  • Business Strategy:
  • Short-term speculative recommendations are 4 recommendations per month with a 3- 5% profit recommendation
  • Target Market: Saudi Stock Market
  • Monthly price: SAR 1500

مكهرب الاسهم

  • Technical analyst
  • Creator Of Expression ( Dojiat )
  • Twitter : @mokhrepashom
  • 10 years experience in Saudi Market
  • Daily Trading - weekly Trading 
  • Market : Tadawul ( Saudi Market )
  • Subscription Fees : 450 RAS per Month

Mohamed Amine DECHEMI

  • Dashmi Mohamed Amin
  • Head of Institutional Trading Office
  • 4 years since the start of institutional trading
  • Trading by following the macro dynamics of the Economist and the Allies on the average
  • Technical and institutional analysis
  • Once a month, we work in a market where we talk about market and signals and answer questions Forex Market
  • Monthly subscription: 260$
  • 3 months subscription: 600 $

Wissam Azhari

  • 22 years experience 
  • Technical Analyst and Asset Manager. 
  • Medium objectives, 3-5 recommendations per week depending on the overall market situation 
  • US Stock Market 
  • US Action Market 
  • Dubai Financial Market 
  • Monthly subscription value is $ 300


  • 5 years experience in Forex
  • Business Strategy: Daily and weekly signals , short signals with stop 25 pip and long positions with maximum 150 pip stop .
  • Technical analyst
  • Market : Forex
  • Subscription cost : 150 $



مشاكس الأسهم

  • Consultant and Financial Analyst
  • 15 years experience in Saudi Market
  • Trading Strategy : 50% long investment , 25% daily trding , 25% backup capital 
  • Subscription cost : 1500 RAS Monthly
  • 2500 RAS ( Two Months )
  • 6000 RAS ( Six Months )

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